We Track Down and Tackle Pool Leaks

We Track Down and Tackle Pool Leaks

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Your swimming pool was a big investment. Don't let it fall into disrepair by failing to detect and repair leaks quickly.

Pool leaks are caused in a few different ways:

  • Normal wear and tear on the pool's surface
  • Damaged plumbing located beneath the pool deck
  • Issues with your pool's pumps or motors
  • Deterioration problems like loose fittings or tiles

To tell whether you may be dealing with a leak caused by one of these factors, there are warning signs you should look for.

Warning signs of a pool leak

It's tough to detect pool leaks-that's why you need to call in a professional for pool leak detection. However, you need to know the warning signs so you can call in an expert. Here are signs you might need a pool leak repair:

  • You notice cracking in or around the pool deck
  • You see rising or sinking of your pool deck
  • Your pool is losing more than ΒΌ inch of water a day
  • You notice the ground around the pool looks soggy

If you think you may be dealing with a pool leak, don't delay. Unique Pool/Spa Renovations offers pool leak detection in Katy, TX. Get in touch with us so we can examine your pool to determine if you need a pool leak repair. Call us today at 832-815-6649.