Don't Get Caught With an Unsightly Ring Around the Pool

Don't Get Caught With an Unsightly Ring Around the Pool

We offer pool calcium removal service in Katy, TX

Have you noticed a white ring around the walls of your pool? Or a white filmy substance on the pool floor? If so, you are dealing with calcium buildup. Calcium is a common problem that should be addressed by a professional pool calcium removal service as soon as it's noticed.

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What is pool calcium buildup?

Calcium buildup, also known as calcium scaling, is caused by an imbalance in your pool's pH levels. Often when the water has a low pH, and the air temperature is warm, the evaporation caused by the warmth leads to calcium deposits building up in your pool. Once these deposits appear, it's time to worry about pool calcium removal.

There are two types of calcium that can appear on your pool: calcium carbonate and calcium silicate.

Calcium carbonate is white and flaky in appearance. It's usually pretty easy to remove.
Calcium silicate is more of a white-gray color. It's much more difficult to remove.

While calcium appears on the surface, it can already have formed in the pipes or filtration system. That's why you should hire a professional pool calcium removal service to diagnose your pool's problem and eliminate it.

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