The Ultimate Choice for Pool Coping Repair in Katy, TX

The Ultimate Choice for Pool Coping Repair in Katy, TX

What is pool coping? Read on to find out.

Pool coping is something many people have never heard of. It makes a big difference for your pool's structure and appearance. Keep reading to learn more about pool coping repair in Katy, TX.

Have you ever hung onto the concrete edge of an in-ground pool? If so, you were hanging on the coping. The coping separates the pool structure from the pool deck. The coping is the cap material on the edge of a pool. It's usually made of concrete but can include decorative accents for a distinctive look.

Beneath the coping is a bond beam. The coping covers this steel beam, giving it a more comfortable exterior surface. The coping also stops water from leaking behind the pool shell, which can cause damage.

When the pool coping becomes worn or damaged, it may be time for a pool coping repair, or even a full pool coping replacement.

What are the different types of pool coping?

There are several materials that you may consider for a pool coping replacement. Four common choices are:

  • Concrete coping
  • Brick coping
  • Paver coping
  • Natural stone coping

Each of these materials offers a different look, texture and price range. If you have questions about which material would be best for your pool coping replacement, get in touch with Unique Pool/Spa Renovations of Katy, TX. Call today at 832-815-6649 to schedule your free, on-site estimate.